EO/PO Block Copolymers

GASTAL L Series is a series of Block Copolymers of Ethylene oxide and propylene oxide that are of low enough molecular weight to be liquids at room temperature. An Alternate INCI and CTFA names are Poloxamers. The different percent of Ethylene Oxide in the molecule allows this chemistry to go from a Wetter/Defoamer to an excellent Scour/Dispersant.



L-61L-62L-62 LFL-64
APPEARANCEClear LiquidClear LiquidClear Liquid/hazyClear Liquid
pH (2.5% Aqueous)5.0 - 7.55.0 - 7.55.0 - 7.55.0 - 7.5
MOISTURE (KF)0.50% Max.0.50% Max.1.0 Max.1.0 Max.
Cloud Point (1% DI °C)15 - 1932 - 38< 3460 - 66


GASTAL L SERIES are shipped in Bulk, HDPE Plastic Returnable Totes and Drums. GASTAL L SERIES is a stable product under normal storage conditions. It should be protected from extreme heat and freezing temperatures. As with any chemical, reasonable handling precautions should be observed.

Additional handling information is contained in a Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be requested by clicking here.


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